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My name is Tyronne, my father Fredrick, known as Eric, was trained as a French polisher. We have an old table in our family which my parents bought in 1945 as newly marrieds. Using his skill as a French polisher my father polished the top of this wavy ogee edged table to beautiful white marble effect. It was stunning! He placed a glass top on this that followed the outline of the tabletop.

Why I believe furniture is more than an item—it’s a storyteller

This table has remained in our family to this day. Just looking at this table brings to mind the smell of my mother’s post roast chicken which we would enjoy for Sunday lunches. It was the place of many meals, card games, board games, birthdays and homework.

The Heart of the Home: Memories Carved in Wood

Though this table is only one of the pieces of furniture in our home, it was a center piece not only for our home but for the memories it evokes. I remember as a young boy being entertained by our family friend Ruth’s stories of her journeys around the world. Our friend Dave in his distinctive English accent, sharing his family history in a typically self deprecating English way, that was funny and memorable.

The table followed us and later me to many different houses. It’s presence in each new setting brought a sense of belonging, of turning a new house into a home.

Reflections on how Furniture makes a House a Home

An empty house is not a home until it’s furnished and filled with the people we love. After a stressful day of work we find a release in being at home and flopping into our favorite chair to unwind.

Sitting around the dinner table is often a time a family can gather as a unit and share their day. We also sit in our lounges watching a TV show together or supporting our favorite sports teams. Then there’s Thanksgiving and Christmas lunches when we need to flop onto the couch to recover from over indulgence!

The Purpose of WoodCrafted

I have to confess that I’m not a great carpenter or wood crafter. What I do love is history, culture and art. My intent is to combine these three passions to share stories and articles about wood crafting from different cultures and times.

Not just furniture mind you, but many types of wood crafted objects. Things like, flooring, wall paneling, doors, bookcases, windows and ceiling beams. Be these found in cathedrals, temples, mansions, palaces, museums or most importantly our homes.

There are many great pieces of art sculptured from wood. as an example Albrecht Dürer, a German Renaissance artist, was known for his contributions in various artistic mediums, including woodcut prints. These too will be part of this website.

Cultural Journeys in Woodwork: Beyond Functionality

I hope these stories and articles will act as inspiration for talented carpenters, artists and decorators. To beautify not only your homes but any other place whatever it may be. I hope you will join me on a journey into history and culture, with one of humankinds most important materials, wood.

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